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College Prep Checklist

Are you or your child getting ready to head off to college? It’s an exciting time but as someone with a bleeding disorder, there are things that need to be considered and planned for as you make this new transition. We put together a list of some things to think about as you prepare to start this new adventure!

• Establish an infusion logging routine (MicroHealth, calendars, etc) prior to leaving
• Know how to contact HOC, be able to schedule appointments, and order factor on your own
• Wear a Medical Alert necklace/bracelet and keep your Medical Alert card in your wallet (contact HOC nurses if you need one)
• Carry a copy of your insurance card
• Know the name, address and phone number of the nearest hospital in your insurance network
• Know the name, address and phone number of the nearest HTC, especially if you are going out of state for college
• Connect with the Disability office on campus to understand how they can be a resource to you
• Connect with the Campus Health Center, and ask if they can do infusions if necessary (may save you a trip to the ER)
• Work with the HOC nurses to develop an individualized health plan that you can provide for the Campus Health Center
• Prep a small storage container to put first aide supplies in
• Find out where factor and supplies can be delivered if necessary
• Let your Resident Advisor know that you have a bleeding disorder
• Let your friends/roommate know you have a bleeding disorder
• Provide information for your RA/friends, so they know what to do in an emergency situation
• Make sure you have a sharps container if you do self-infusions
• Figure out how and where you will store your factor
• Stay in contact with HOC!

If you’re heading to college, have you started thinking of your own checklist? If you need help planning, HOC is always here to help!

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