Hemophilia Outreach Center is committed to providing Services and Programs dedicated to the bleeding disorder community

  • Diagnosis and treatment from a comprehensive care team including physicians, nurses, physical therapist, social worker, reimbursement specialist, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Coordination of medical care with other healthcare providers and hospitals.
  • 24-hour on-call coverage 7 days a week provided by medical personnel.
  • Education and outreach about bleeding disorders to patients, their families, schools, hospitals, and the community.
  • Delivery of hemophilia clotting factor at reduced prices through our Public Health Service 340B Clotting Factor Program.
  • Advocacy and guidance on insurance and other financial issues.
  • Consultation resource on bleeding disorders.
  • Opportunities for social interaction such as Community Night or Educational programming sponsored by the Center.
  • All clotting factor products available to registered patients at significantly lower prices.

If you have any questions about bleeding disorders or our services, call us at (920) 965-0606



The Hemophilia Outreach Center operates as a physician dispensing station, managed by a full time pharmacist who works in collaborative practice with both our adult and pediatric hematologists. Currently the pharmacy services we offer include:

  • Clotting factor acquisition and dispensing which includes:
    • Fast, efficient, accurate and up-to-date dispenses
    • Local dispenses with courier availability to get medication quickly anywhere within Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan if needed
    • Professional relationships both with patients and clinical team to enhance communication, therapy decision making and prophylaxis adherence. Pharmacist is part of development of patient plans and knows what is happening with each patient through contact with patients and other clinical members. Nursing staff and hematologists are available 24/7 as well as pharmacist if needed
    • Adherence packaging organizing factor doses tailored to patient’s situation
    • Motivational interviewing to help patients get beneficial outcomes they want
  • Amicar (aminocaproic acid) tablets and solution available at a very reasonable price
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – Pharmacist is available to go over all your medications with you, including:
    • Medication’s purpose and how it functions
    • Positive effects to expect with your medication including what to monitor
    • Negative effects of drug-drug interactions and adverse effects to be on guard against
    • Therapeutic benefit of medication – how it relates to established guidelines and how appropriate it is for you
    • Cost savings you may have through therapy adjustments

The Hemophilia Outreach Center does NOT carry any controlled substances.