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The Hemophilia Outreach Center is committed to supporting individuals with bleeding disorders in achieving their educational goals and future career aspirations. We proudly support three scholarships which honor the memory of local individuals who have made significant contributions to the bleeding disorders community. National scholarship opportunities are also available through various organizations.

The Auggy Nursing Scholarship

The Auggy Nursing Scholarship honors two of the founding nurses of the Hemophilia Outreach Center of Green Bay who had a passion for nursing and helping those around them. Their dedication and devotion to their field will be honored through this scholarship

Deadline to apply is June 1, 2024

Dr. James Lacey Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to college students or adults returning to college, university, or vocational/technical college who have a bleeding disorder or who are related to someone with a bleeding disorder.

Deadline to apply is June 1, 2024

Other Scholarship Opportunities

There are HUNDREDS of scholarships available to the bleeding disorders community through Hemophilia Treatment Center, Local Chapters & other National Organizations; all you have to do is apply! Please click the links below for available scholarships with these organizations:

Pfizer – Soozie Courter Scholarship

National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (MBDF)

EveryLife Foundataion for Rare Diseases

Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA)

Needy Meds

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation (GLHF)

Other scholarships available through and

Novo Nordisk Scholarship – Note: Applicants do not need to be prescribed a Novo Nordisk product to apply.

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