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Women Can Bleed Too

Before I became a patient of HOC, I thought I knew a lot about hemophilia.  I have a brother and extended family that suffer with the bleeding disorder.  It broke my heart to see my brother suffer with the effects.  I was always told that females could not have hemophilia.  This was presented as a fact which I never questioned.

As a result of this belief, I went my entire life into adulthood undiagnosed and untreated myself.  I lived with the bruising, bleeding, anemia and joint pain that often come with the disorder. At one time, a routine dental procedure put me in an emergency room.  Having an undiagnosed bleeding disorder can have severe consequences for anyone, but has additional complexities for females when you factor in potential pregnancy and childbirth.

Since being treated by the team at HOC, I now understand that females also suffer from bleeding disorders, can be carriers, or have hemophilia themselves.  The doctors and genetic experts at HOC explained how it is that I have hemophilia even though I am a female, and the science behind it.   I now have a treatment plan in place in case of an emergency, or non-emergency medical procedure.  This has helped me avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering over the years.

Facing any kind of health challenge is always easier if you have people around you that have a positive outlook.    Doing research and gathering information can also help us make good decisions about our health. It’s also important to have a team of skilled medical professionals on your side that respect your healthcare decisions, and treat you accordingly. This is what I found at HOC and I am so grateful to all of them!


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