• Your chance to be a carrier depends on who and how many people in your family have a hemophilia diagnosis.
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  • Genetic testing can provide a definite answer about whether a person is a hemophilia carrier in many families.
  • We have facilitated genetic testing for many women who want to know whether they are hemophilia carriers.
  • Whether genetic testing is available to you to determine hemophilia carrier status depends on a number of factors including the following:
    • Has genetic testing already found the genetic cause of hemophilia for someone in your family with a hemophilia diagnosis?
    • How are you related to the person / people with hemophilia in the family?
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  • A factor VIII (if hemophilia A in the family) or factor IX (if hemophilia B in the family) level is recommended for women who are known or possible hemophilia carriers.
  • A factor VIII or factor IX level along with information about the woman’s history of bleeding in the past, can help our team assess your risk for abnormal bleeding.
  • Our team has expertise and can help you get the testing and evaluation you need.