Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient to the Hemophilia Outreach Center

3 Ways to Refer a Patient

1. Epic – HOC is now on Epic, and referrals via Epic are now the preferred method.

2. Fill out the referral form below: 

3. Call us:

  • Green Bay clinic: (920) 965-0606
  • Wausau clinic: (715) 680-9810

Coordination of Care

HOC will provide orders and/or recommendations for treatment surrounding surgical procedures and any postoperative doses that may be needed. This is very important because most primary care physicians and or general surgeons do not know what treatment is needed for a bleeding disorder.

Coordination of Care Step-by-Step


HOC is notified by the patient or physician’s/ surgeon’s office


Procedure details are verified with physician’s/surgeon’s office


Orders are obtained from HOC’s hematologists


Orders are faxed to physicians/ surgeons' offices and any ancillary departments (ie surgery center, pharmacy, etc.


If patient will be receiving clotting factor medication at the hospital, HOC verifies with pharmacy that they can provide the medication If unable to, HOC has the ability to provide hospital with clotting factor medication


HOC then walks through a plan of care with the patient to ensure that the patient fully understands the plan of care


HOC will verify that all of the orders are set several days before the procedure


The day after the procedure, HOC staff will follow up with the patient and/or hospital staff to ensure there are no bleeding complications. Physician/Surgeons office is made aware that they should call HOC staff if there are any complications during the procedure. They are informed that HOC staff are on call 24/7

Meet our Physicians

Dr. Matthew Ryan - Medical Director

Born in southwest Iowa, Dr. Ryan attended Iowa State University, where he received his degree in aerospace Engineering. He attended medical school at the University of Iowa. He completed his residency and oncology and hematology fellowships at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology.

Dr. Bridget Freeman

Dr. Freeman graduated from medical school in the United Kingdom and registered with the General Medical Council after completing her rotating internships. She moved to Florida in 1986 and started her residency in Pediatrics and a fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/oncology with the University of Florida. This work led her to an interest in several aspects of Public Health: preventative health, access to health care, social determinants of health, affects of stress on health, wellness and chronic disease, adverse childhood experiences and teaching children resilience, implantation of national standards of care and health inequities. In 2017 Dr. Freeman made the transition to professional locum work, which was an opportunity to experience a variety of health care settings across multiple geographic regions and social environments. In 2019 she completed her training in medical acupuncture. Dr. Freeman has previously worked internationally in the UK and Canada, single payer systems of health care. For a brief period in Canada, she worked in a level 3 NICU. She has also provided support to the transfusion services and patient blood management up until 2017.

Dr. Ken Friedman

Dr. Kenneth Friedman formally joined our physician team in 2017, supporting mostly pediatric patients and serves as the Medical Director at the Hemophilia Outreach Center. Dr. Friedman is originally from New York State. He trained in Internal Medicine at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, did further training in hematology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and then trained in Transfusion Medicine at Blood Center of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. After finishing his training, he joined the hematology section at University of New Mexico where he was co-director of that state’s hemophilia program and ran the coagulation lab. He was then invited back to Milwaukee to join the Blood Center of Wisconsin, where he directs their coagulation lab, sees patients with hemophilia and other bleeding or clotting conditions. Dr. Friedman is heavily involved in research related to von Willebrand disease.


The Hemophilia Outreach Center is always looking to partner with facilities whom we coordinate care with. We have the ability to create and accredit ACCME & ANCC lectures that are specific to care for individuals with a bleeding disorder. We have done ACCME & ANCC lectures with Bellin hospital in the past such as: Hemophilia & von Willebrand’s Disease Basics & Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease: Background and Perinatal Issues.