Hemophilia Outreach Center believes that education is vital to making a difference in people’s lives. We provide education to persons living with a bleeding disorder and their families, health care providers, and community members. Our goals are to improve clinical care and outcomes, increase public awareness and improve the quality of life for persons living with a bleeding disorder.


We offer and/or participate in the following educational resources:

  • HOC Website
  • Annual NHF National Conference
  • GLHF Wisconsin Bleeding Disorder Conference
  • Hemophilia 101 in English & Spanish
  • Navigating the Emergency Room in English & Spanish
  • Adult Learner Scholarships
  • College & Vocational Scholarships
Social Outreach

Our care tradition is built on the foundation that no one is alone. We foster a community of inclusion and fellowship. Our Center is open to all without reservation.

Our social outreach programs have included:

We offer and/or participate in the following educational resources:

  • Community Night
  • Annual Summer Picnic
  • Annual State of the Center Report, Dinner & Raffle
  • Annual Golf Outing

Hemophilia Outreach Center’s Fitness Reimbursement Program
Physical activity has many benefits to our health. In the past, the HOC has offered yoga and other fitness programs here at the Center. We know that for many people getting to the Center in Green Bay may not always be convenient. Therefore, we want to give all patients the opportunity to join a fitness center of their choice, in the area in which they live. In order to participate, you must be an active patient of the Hemophilia Outreach Center and attend your annual appointments.

How it works:
HOC will reimburse each patient up to $180 per year for a fitness membership or classes (example: YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Yoga, Karate, and Swimming)

HOC will reimburse the patient as required documentation is submitted.

To apply:
Complete a fitness reimbursement agreement and submit proper documentation when requested.

You must give the Hemophilia Outreach Center permission to track your usage of the fitness center. Payments will only be made to patients who use the fitness center 4 times each month.

If you have additional questions or would like help in finding a fitness center in your area, do not hesitate to call – 920-965-0606.


The Center is committed to serving as a respected and influential advocate for the bleeding disorder community. We offer interventions in matter of healthcare, financial concern and educational need for the bleeding disorder community.

Our Advocacy Programs have included:

  • Madison Days
  • Washington Days

The Center provides personal and individual financial counseling for patients and their families.

Our Financial Programs have included:

  • The Annual Money Conference

We are a family focused Center and believe that the entire family is affected by a bleeding disorder. We care about the family’s health and build relationships that are respectful, compassionate, non-judgmental, meaningful and enduring.

Our Psychosocial Programs have included:

  • Mom to Mom
  • Camp Courage
  • Male Mentoring

Our Center has physicians and nurses who are experts in the management and treatment of bleeding disorders. Our patients, from infancy to elder, receive the most comprehensive, individualized care available.


The Center believes that persons living with a bleeding disorder have physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We strive in our relationships and programs to mentor, support, educate, enlighten and to empower individuals to better care for themselves in body, mind and spirit.