Physician Dispensing

Physician Dispensing

Physician Dispensing Station allows us to provide patients with fast, efficient, accurate, and up-to-date dispenses. Through assay management, HOC is able to reduce overall costs to payers, to employers, and the patient. Physician dispensing, commonly referred to as “in-office dispensing”, highlights that factor medications can be dispensed directly to the patient by the clinic nurses, when overseen by the physician.

Selecting a factor replacement medication can be overwhelming. Our medical team of experts are here to help individuals select a product that fits the patient’s needs. 

Treatments for bleeding disorders are evolving rapidly. Our medical team will educate patients regarding innovative therapies as they become available. 

New therapies are emerging frequently, and the safety of our patients is our top priority. HOC investigates the safety and efficacy of new products before embracing these new therapies as treatment options.

HOC’s courier service provides factor deliveries in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with the ability to ship factor products outside the courier service area. 

As a grant recipient of the 340b program, HOC has the ability to provide clotting factor products to patients at the lowest prices.These cost savings help lower patient, employer, and payer (Insurance Company) financial responsibilities and drives overall healthcare costs down.

HOC maintains an allotment of products that can be utilized by area hospitals for in-patient and out-patient use. HOC can supply area hospitals with on-demand needs, as well as consignment, to reduce the burden of maintaining inventory of costly medication that may not be used.

Patients and families have the right to get their medications at the location of their choice. This policy serves to provide education on sources of clotting factor/bleeding disorder medications in order to assist with making a choice. This choice may be influenced by multiple reasons, including but not limited to location, medication type, medication cost, insurance coverage requirements and/or limitations. This form serves to let patients know of their right to communicate where they choose to obtain their factor/bleeding disorder medication. Hemophilia Outreach Center strives to work with patients to ensure they obtain their necessary medications in a timely fashion regardless of medication source.

As a patient, you have the right to get your clotting factor/bleeding disorder medication through the pharmacy/clinic of your choice. It is important to remember that, in some cases, insurance coverage may dictate the pharmacy/clinic your product comes from. If you need help in making a decision, please let us know and we will go over the criteria to consider when choosing a factor provider.

Microhealth and ATHNAdvoy are two recommended electronic logs that allow you to keep track of infusions and bleeds and set reminders for prophy schedules. Information recorded can be shared with your treatment team.

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