Jamison Buxton, Chief Executive Officer


Photo of Jamison

Jamison Buxton

Chief Executive Officer

Jamison’s journey with the Hemophilia Outreach Center began in 2003, when his son Mason was diagnosed in utero with Hemophilia B. Jamison developed a deep respect and passion for the organization, and those who cared for the growth and development of his son. Throughout the years, Jamison was committed to giving back to the organization he cherished. He understood the importance of his Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC), and wanted to ensure that all families affected by a bleeding disorder have the same access to education and support as he had during the challenging times his family faced. On October 25, 2012 he was elected to serve on the Hemophilia Outreach Center’s Board of Directors. During Jamison’s four years as a Board Member, he served as both Vice Chairman and Interim Chairman before stepping down to pursue leading the organization in April of 2016. He continues to deliver the same passion and commitment to its mission for the bleeding disorder community.