Dr. Kenneth Friedman


Photo of Dr. Kenneth Friedman

Dr. Kenneth Friedman, MD

Pediatric Hematologist

Dr. Kenneth Friedman formally joined our physician team in 2017, supporting primarily pediatric patients and serves as the Medical Director at the Hemophilia Outreach Center. Dr. Friedman is originally from New York State. He trained in Internal Medicine at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, did further training in hematology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and then trained in Transfusion Medicine at Blood Center of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. After finishing his training, he joined the hematology section at University of New Mexico where he was co-director of that state’s hemophilia program and ran the coagulation lab. He was then invited back to Milwaukee to join the Blood Center of Wisconsin, where he directs their coagulation lab, sees patients with hemophilia and other bleeding or clotting conditions. Dr. Friedman is heavily involved in research related to von Willebrand disease.