Collaborative Practice


HOC RNs will contact your office after seeing the patient and provide a full plan of care for the mother and the baby during and after delivery.

Yes. Factor levels are checked on the mother in the third trimester. If factor coverage is needed, HOC will write orders for this. The factor must be given prior to the epidural.

No, vaginal deliveries are considered safe.


  • Scalp electrodes
  • Forceps
  • Vacuum suction

Cord blood should be used to test all male infants born to known hemophilia carriers. Female infants are not recommended to be tested at birth.

Circumcision should be avoided until factor level results are obtained.

Any heel sticks or IM injections should have 10-15 minutes of firm pressure held.

Call the Hemophilia Outreach Center (920) 965-0606

Call the Hemophilia Outreach Center (920) 965-0606

HOC will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 25th and 26th, 2021

We will resume normal hours on Monday, November 29th. Please plan ahead for your clotting factor needs.
For your convenience HOC offers 24/7 on-call coverage.