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Menorrhagia can be a common complaint in girls and adolescents. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimate that roughly one-third of adolescents presenting with complaints of heavy menses have an undiagnosed bleeding disorder (1). Testing for these disorders can be time-consuming for providers and costly for patients. We at HOC recognize that as medical providers who specialize in bleeding disorders along with caring for patients with menorrhagia, that we can help ease this healthcare burden in our community.

Services Our Menorrhagia Clinic Can Offer

Diagnostic testing to look for a potential bleeding disorder, at no cost to the patient
CBC, ferritin and iron panels at no cost to patients
Iron Infusions
if needed
In-depth education on
reproductive cycle and its effect on
Hormone therapy prescriptions, including Depo- Provera injections and Nexplanon insertions
Period kits
fully stocked with supplies that can be refilled
whenever needed

Our comprehensive care team supports individuals and families through all seasons of life


HOC offers exemplary comprehensive care and quality resources that gives individuals hope for the future. We are proud to connect patients and families to a community, so that no one has to fight their bleeding disorder alone.

Citation: (1) Screening and Management of Bleeding Disorders in Adolescents with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding. (2019). Obstetrics & Gynecology, 134(3)