HOC accepts a variety of insurances and will not deny an individual access to medical services based on their specific insurance, even if we aren’t currently contracted with that particular insurance. Please contact our office to inquire about whether we are contracted with the insurance specific to you. If we are not contracted, we can pursue the opportunity to contract with additional insurance companies specific to the community whom we serve. In addition, if you are an individual who is prescribed treatment with factor medications, your insurance may dictate where you obtain your factor medications based on your plan’s coverage of factor medications.

Yes, there are many programs that may be available to you. Please contact us to speak with our Patients Assistance Coordinator. We will help coordinate which programs you situation may be eligible for.

Check, cash, HSA FSA & Credit card

Mail in a check, over the phone credit card, Pay online, all forms in person

This will depend on a patient’s insurance coverage. HOC is able to bridge patients to patient assistance programs if needed.

There are many reasons as to why an insurance company may not have paid. The most common is, with HSA plans, insurance coverage doesn’t typically begin until deductible is met.

The patients and/or Guarantor

  • In most cases we are able to bill primary and secondary insurance.
  • In the event that we cannot, it is due to compliance reasons pertaining to HOC’s federal grant

A flat fee that a patient has to pay per visit when you see the physician.

The amount a patient must pay before insurance coverage begins

The percentage of cost that you pay after the deductible is met.

Typically, this is the maximum amount that a patient should ever pay with insurance for a plan-year.