Board of Directors

Governing of HOC

We are uniquely overseen by a Board of Directors that can consist of the community members, patients we serve, as well as local professionals whose values and goals align with the Hemophilia Outreach Center.

Membership Council

The Membership Council consists of 4-6 members, one of which is the Executive Director of HOC who is excluded from voting and acts as a liaison to the Board of Directors. During this three year term, a main duty of the Membership Council is to review applicants of prospect for the Membership Council & Board of Directors. These prospects will be presented to the Board of Directors and Voting Members at the Annual Voter’s Meeting (Fall Community Night), followed by a vote that will determine which applicants will retain a Membership Council or Board Member position.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 7 Board Members. During this three year term, the role of the Board of Directors is to provide guidance and support to the Executive Director in the affairs of HOC and work in collaboration with the Executive Director to establish policies that govern HOC. The Board of Directors meets quarterly, but may be called by the chairman or majority of the Board for additional meetings.

The Executive Director

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. The main role of this individual is to direct the day-to-day operations of the HOC and to develop services based on the mission and vision of the organization as a whole. The Executive Director is also required to collaborate with the Board of Directors to establish policies that govern HOC.

HOC Staff Members

HOC Staff Members report directly to the Executive Director. The role of the HOC staff is to implement and carry out work that helps the organization achieve its mission and overall purpose

Board Members

Doug Stangel
Kay Diedrich
Liz Fitzgerald
Dr. Brian Koch
Heather Willems
Tracy Johnson
Dean Schmidt

Membership Council

Erica Brock
Jay Charles
Christy Faymonville
Andrea Miller
Jamison Buxton- Board Liaison