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One Dozen ESSENTIAL Tips for College Students

  ESTABLISHING HEALTHY HABITS: One Dozen ESSENTIAL Tips for College Students Get a reusable water bottle for both hot and cold beverages. We often get dehydrated, and this can make us feel fatigued. You can flavor water with flavor drops or fruit slices. Fill the bottle with sparkling water, unsweetened tea, or coffee too. If you make beverages yourself, you will save lots of money and wildlife will appreciate keeping the plastic bottles out of their environment!  Stay hydrated. It […]

The Intriguing World of Microbiota

Diet, Microbes, and Your Health In celebration National Nutrition Month, the Hemophilia Outreach Center’s Nutritionist, Jill, would like to share an informative presentation discussing how Microbes (certain bacteria’s) are connected to your health and well-being.

Improving Your Motivation During the Winter Months By: Joe Hoelscher, MSW, LCSW, SAC

We all can experience the feeling. It is the dark of winter, bitter cold outdoors, dark mornings, and you want to stay buried in the comfort of your bed. We experience more tiredness and having less gas in the physical and emotional tank. So, the question becomes, how can we combat the agony of winter fatigue in the middle of a pandemic? This brief article will help provide some quick tips on being able to function through what many go […]

Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Blues) By: HOC Behavioral Health Specialist Joel Hoelscher

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also commonly referred to as the “Winter Blues”, is real and affects many people during the long winter months. SAD can negatively impact a person’s mental health and have long-lasting effects even into spring and summer. Symptoms a person feels often replicate and/or are similar to Major Depressive Disorder. These symptoms may include a lack of enjoyment in activities, the urge or need to isolate, increased mood swings (increased irritability) and a general loss of overall […]

Holiday Mindset Shift | HOC

Once again, the holidays are upon us and for many, 2021 will mark two years since we’ve gathered with those we love to celebrate the season.  And since we’ve had some time away from it all, this holiday season may just be the perfect time to make it all a little healthier and happier.  Enjoy the genuine happiness that comes from feeling true gratitude this Thanksgiving instead of the stress, obligation, and overindulgence we often experience.  Take some time this […]

HealthMonitor: Hemophilia A edition ft. HOC Nurse Coordinator Andrea Miller

Strategies to boost patient confidence and resilience- by Leah Black Living with Hemophilia A can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Not only is it a serious disease that can lead to complications such as bleeding and joint damage, but the treatment itself is burdensome, requiring frequent intravenous infusions of clotting factor concentrates. Patients find their quality of life affected not just physically, but psychologically and socially as well, with work, school and relationships all impacted. Studies show that […]

Healthy Fall Soup Swaps By: Vanessa, HOC Nutritionist

It’s Fall, Y’all!  Sweater weather has arrived and along with football games and falling leaves, this happens to be a great time of year to reassess our day-to-day nutrition.  Since fresh produce from the garden and supermarket is dwindling, it’s worth taking some time to see if we’re still getting those 5-9 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. On chilly days, soups are a great way to serve up vegetables and comfort.   Veggie-centered soups give us the comfort we […]

HOC Insurance 101 Series- Part 2

More Fun Insurance 101! Last time we discussed some of the common terms associated with insurance coverages.  Let’s start Part II looking at the different sources of healthcare coverage or where you can obtain coverage for your healthcare needs.  After that we will look at when you can enroll in the different plans. Group Coverage through an Employer One common way to obtain insurance is through your employer. Many employers offer group coverage to their employees. Usually, you will be […]

HOC-The Tree

The Hemophilia Outreach Center (HOC) is a family-oriented organization committed to providing the highest quality, comprehensive medical care and advocacy for individuals with a bleeding disorder. Our organization prides itself on treating every patient that walks through our doors, like family. HOC is here for you and your family through all seasons of life. We help families navigate their new bleeding disorders diagnosis, regardless of their age. From birth, to preparing for college, family planning, to surgical procedures; HOC is […]

HOC Insurance 101 Series- Part 1

The topic of health insurance causes eyes to glaze over and brains to overload. However, it is an essential piece of the puzzle regarding your health. Health care can be quite costly, especially when living with a bleeding disorder. Having health insurance is vital to lessening that financial burden. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert. Having basic knowledge and knowing where to go with questions is really all you need. A good place to […]