Our Services

Hemophilia Outreach Center is committed to providing Services and Programs dedicated to the bleeding disorder community

  • Diagnosis and treatment from a comprehensive care team including physicians, nurses, physical therapist, social worker, reimbursement specialist, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Coordination of medical care with other healthcare providers and hospitals.
  • 24-hour on-call coverage 7 days a week provided by medical personnel.
  • Education and outreach about bleeding disorders to patients, their families, schools, hospitals, and the community.
  • Delivery of hemophilia clotting factor at reduced prices through our Public Health Service 340B Clotting Factor Program.
  • Advocacy and guidance on insurance and other financial issues.
  • Consultation resource on bleeding disorders.
  • Opportunities for social interaction such as Community Night or Educational programming sponsored by the Center.
  • All clotting factor products available to registered patients at significantly lower prices.

If you have any questions about bleeding disorders or our services, email us at nurse@hemophiliaoutreach.org

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