Our History

Where It All Began

Hemophilia Outreach Center began as a grassroots service, funded by a State grant, in 1974. Peggy Maier and Audrey Nuskiewicz, experienced pediatric nurses, were recruited to establish a “clinic” for persons with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Treatment for bleeding disorders has improved over the years from long hours of treatment in the hospital to self-infusions done at home.

After decades of commitment and care from these two nurses, a group of patients, parents and friends gathered to set in motion a long time dream for them all, a treatment center that was not only for and about by the families but also governed the families it served. That dream became a reality when in 1997, Hemophilia Outreach Center, an independent non-profit treatment center, was established in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Today Hemophilia Outreach Center is a federally qualified 501(c)(3) comprehensive hemophilia treatment center and a member of a national network of over 141 centers. It serves over 200 individuals and their families throughout Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with not only state of the art medical care but also programming in social outreach, education, nutrition and fitness. Hemophilia Outreach Center stands as a testimony to the persistence, tenacity, sacrifice and love for this community that Peggy, Audrey and the many others they recruited into the hemophilia care family have so faithfully and joyfully been serving for over 3 decades.

Mission Statement

Hemophilia Outreach Center is dedicated to providing expert, specialized medical care and advocacy for persons with a bleeding disorder. We create and implement programs that educate, empower, and enrich the bleeding disorder community. Our services are designed to enhance our holistic vision of each person as whole and complete.